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Fifth Round of Panama Papers Coverage

Modigliani’s Man Seated with Cane was seized after the Panama papers revealed its current owner’s real identity. The painting was allegedly looted by the Nazis and the descendants of the original owner have been fighting to get it back.

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Famous (or infamous) Nigerian evangelist TB Joshua is named in the Panama papers

Bradley Birkenfeld, who Kenyans will know from Anglo-leasing, suspects the hand of the CIA in the Panama Papers release.

Qatar’s Prime Minister is as rich as Croesus, according to the Panama Papers.

Mossack Fonseca got belatedly raided by the Panamanian police.

The papers claimed another scalp as the Spanish Industry Minister resigned.

The Kremlin apologised to a Western company– a rare thing in itself- after Vladimir Putin sinisterly suggested that Goldman Sachs owns the German newspaper that first leaked the Panama papers. This is untrue. What’s also untrue is that you can make billions playing the cello.

According to a World Bank official, the revelations in the Panama papers are hurting public trust and may make people less willing to pay taxes.

A Chinese human rights lawyer was questioned by Chinese police after he shared a satirical image poking fun at President Xi Jinping. I couldn’t find the image online, but here in quotation is the joke:-

“It was a photo of three Chinese leaders crossing a river. It was about the Panama Papers,” he said. A copy of the heavily manipulated satirical image was still circulating on Twitter, which is blocked in China, on Friday. The ‘photo’ showed late supreme leader Deng Xiaoping, who was fond of the phrase “crossing the river by feeling the stones,” former president Jiang Zemin and current president Xi Jinping chest-deep in water labeled “the Panama Canal.”
“Hey, it’s pretty deep,” warns Deng, while Jiang adds: “You could easily drown.”
“Never fear,” says Xi, “I have a brother-in-law [to take the blame].”- from

Icelanders are using music to protest against offshoring politicians.