Recent Rules, Notices and Redtape

The new chair of the anti-money laundering advisory board is Rose Nkonge (Gazette of 11 March 2016, notice 1465). The functions of the board are to “advise the Director [of the Financial Reporting Centre] generally on the performance of his functions and the exercise of his powers…and to perform any other duty”.

Trans-Nzoia County (WARNING: the website does not load properly on some browsers) published its Leadership and Integrity code for State Officers in the County Assembly (Gazette of 18 March 2016, notice 1826)

Kilifi County published its Leadership and Integrity code for State Officers in the County Assembly (Gazette of 24 March 2016, notice 1994)

The Tribunal investigating bribery claims against Supreme Court Justice Phillip Tunoi published its rules of procedure (Gazette of 18 March 2016, notice 1834). Most of the fair hearing rights are present and accounted for. Of interest is that the tribunal is not bound by strict rules of evidence since it is not a court- rather a more free assessment is used and it is guided by the relevance of the evidence and natural justice. This is an important point because Justice Tunoi is not on trial- the tribunal will not give a verdict but will consider the evidence and make recommendations to the President.

The Public Benefits Organisations (Amendment) Bill 2016 has been published. It seeks to remove the discretion of the Cabinet Secretary to decide when the Public Benefits Organisations Act 2015 comes into effect.

Five Chief Magistrates and over 20 Senior Resident Magistrates were appointed on 24 March (Gazette of 1 April 2016, notices 2113 and 2114)

3 locations were re-designated as police stations: King’eero Police Post (Kiambu), Likoni Ferry Police Post (Mombasa) and Vigurungani Police Post (Kwale) (Gazette of 1 April 2016, notice 2120)