Wednesday News Wall 13 July 2016


The land fraud that was a hall-mark of Daniel Arap Moi’s reign has come back to haunt him as the former president is in and out of court over allegations of illegal acquisition of land.

Corruption amongst Iranian lawmakers could threaten President Rouhani’s chances of a second term in office.

A description of the reign of graft in one of the most corrupt countries in the world: Moldova.


In a wide-ranging operation involving nearly 1,500 Interpol officers, 4,500 people were arrested for an array of suspected crimes including human, drug and arms trafficking, terrorism, car theft and environmental crimes.

Police brutality is in the news again in Kenya after an officer shot and killed a 17 year old in Nairobi. This comes a week after the bodies of three men were discovered after they allegedly disappeared while in the custody of the Administration Police.

The last fugitive arrested by the ICTY, Goran Hadžić, died of cancer. He was on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity allegedly committed during the Yugoslav war of the early 90s.

The UK law commission is planning a consultation on improving legislation to tackle ‘trolling’ as a crime (see here and here for non-legal definitions of trolling). One of the interesting things for me is what would be the focus of a legal definition of trolling. There would need to be a distinction with other forms of abuse e.g. harassment, offensive communication etc. Is it the level of offensiveness, the persistent nature of the abuse, the targeting of a particular person or other factors that are at the core of the crime of trolling? Furthermore, how will the balance be struck with freedom of expression/speech (e.g. what defences would be available)?



US banks ‘de-risking’ from relationships with Caribbean financial institutions (due to concerns about risks of money laundering, terrorist financing and other financial crime) are hurting the economies of the tiny countries like Belize and The Bahamas. One Bahamian official has accused US and other international financial firms of being dishonest in their reasons for reducing their presence in the region.