Monday News Muse 08 August 2016


KENYA sent home a senior athletics official who accompanied the national team to the Rio Olympics. The official was allegedly filmed soliciting bribes from athletes for advance information about their drug tests.

THE UK’s Serious Fraud Office is investigating allegations of foreign bribery at airplane maker Airbus.


HERE is a mock-serious look at how Zimbabwe’s law against insulting President Robert Mugabe actually works in practice. Fortunately, Zimbabwe’s judges have been merciless on the hapless prosecutors who have sought to bring prosecutions under this and similar provisions of law.

AFTER the massacre of Yazidis last year, questions are raised as to why bringing accountability.

A MISSOURI public defender struck a blow for over-burdened public defenders everywhere by appointing the cost-cutting Governor of Missouri to represent an indigent client. The defender cites the Governor’s cutting of the public defenders’ offices budget as the reason for his being unable to represent the indigent defendant and relies on an obscure section of law to appoint the governor.