Monday News Muse 26 September 2016


The Brazilian corruption train rolls on as a former finance minister and current President find themselves being prosecuted for their roles in graft.

A former IMF chief from Spain also faces trial for running a ‘corrupt’ system when head of a local bank.

Students of the corruption investigation process will appreciate a new website giving step by step guidance in graft investigations.


Does the UK’s Modern Slavery Act work, or is it a fig leaf to cover government lethargy and inaction?

Here is an article that challenges critics of Canada and China’s new bilateral extradition treaty. It argues that far from undermining human rights and the rule of law, having such a treaty will improve the rule of law by having a clear set of standards with which to tackle the transfer of suspects between the two countries as well as reducing the risk of Canada being used to launder the proceeds of corruption crime.


Here is a discussion in the Financial Times of how KYC is causing problems for banks seeking more and more information to vet clients. This goes hand-in-hand with increasing regulatory complexity in the field of AML compliance.