Are you corrupt?

A light-hearted look at whether visitors to this site have been ethically compromised!


Is your organisation a creation of Mossack Fonseca?

“They [Mossack Fonseca’s files] recount example after example of ethical and legal wrongdoing by some clients and provide evidence of a firm happy to act as a gatekeeper to the secrets of its clients, even those who turn out to be crooks, members of the Mafia, drug dealers, corrupt politicians and tax evaders. The files show that business has been good. Today, Mossack Fonseca is considered one of the world’s five biggest wholesalers of offshore secrecy. It has more than more than 500 employees and collaborators in more than 40 offices around the world, including three in Switzerland and eight in China.”-




Have you hired a ‘beard’ to hide your ties with government officials?

“The Consultant claimed to be a former Chinese government official and touted his political connections with Chinese government officials as his principle qualification to provide assistance to LVSC. With the approval of the LVSC President, the Consultant was hired to liaise with governmental bodies, provide advice and assistance with approval processes and to serve as an intermediary or “beard” to obscure LVSC’s role in certain transactions”- SEC Cease and Desist Order against Las Vegas Sands Corp., 2016



Have you ever invoiced ‘loading expenses’ when explaining payments to government officials?

“General Manager A, Agent 1, and others disguised the bribe payments by having Agent 1 include the payments in Agent 1’s invoices as “Loading and Delivery Expenses” and “Stamp Tax/Label Tax.” General Manager A and others at PRL S.R.L. knew of the true purpose of these expenses and nonetheless approved reimbursement to Agent 1.”- Ralph Lauren Non-Prosecution Agreement with the US Department of Justice, 2013



Have you ever served ‘chicken’ to a procurement official?

“On 1/6/10 Trevy emailed Nicholas Smith, chasing the chicken: “ive spoken to the ceo on delivery of forms and he will get back to me tomorrow. hes so happy iv mentioned that chicken will be with me on friday or saturday. i hope you will be able to make the debit transactions to me today to facilitate me to have the payments done to them by saturday latest.” [AFM 0226] Nicholas Smith, apparently unsurprised by the confirmation that bribes were to be paid, replied…”- From the trial record of R v Smith and Ouzman (S&O), 2014


Do you regularly send important government clients to festivals shortly before winning lucrative contracts?

“In August 2005, numerous surgical VIP clients including several hospital presidents attended the annual Qingdao Beer Festival consisting of golf in the morning and beer-drinking in the evening. In later years, [Sci-Clone Pharma Corp.] continued to sponsor VIPs to the annual festival.”- SEC Sci-Clone Pharma Cease and Desist Order, 2016