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Monday News Muse 09 May 2016

CORRUPTION UNDER a proposed Commonwealth plan, Kenya and other countries may soon need to show that ‘meet anti-corruption standards’ in order to access loans and aid. While the part of Kenya’s budget that’s donor-funded has shrunk markedly in the last decade, it still relies on ‘partnerships’ in education, health and security. Furthermore, the Kenya government […]

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The Sixth Round of Panama Papers Coverage

In the wake of the Panama papers, the UK revenue collection agency (HMRC) is consulting on a possible corporate offence of failure to prevent the criminal facilitation of tax evasion. One immediate problem I foresee is the offence’s remoteness from the actual harm. The corporate body is not being charged as the principal offender (the […]

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Fifth Round of Panama Papers Coverage

Modigliani’s Man Seated with Cane was seized after the Panama papers revealed its current owner’s real identity. The painting was allegedly looted by the Nazis and the descendants of the original owner have been fighting to get it back. Famous (or infamous) Nigerian evangelist TB Joshua is named in the Panama papers Bradley Birkenfeld, who […]

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The Fourth Round of the Panama Papers Coverage

Geo-politics meets the Panama papers: an EU official is threatening Panama with sanctions unless it gets tough on money laundering and cooperates with investigators. Another geo-political effect is to hand Japan a stick to beat China with. In particular the Japanese are gloating over the fact that there are precious few Japanese names and a […]

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Third Round of Panama Papers Coverage

The alleged fraudsters behind a Kenyan pyramid scheme (and their lawyers) are named in the Panama papers. The Panama Papers have not only embarrassed Chinese leaders, they’ve also posed a red-hot challenge to the Chinese anti-corruption campaign because they fuel perceptions that the campaign is full of double standards and is a veiled political purge. […]


Wednesday News Wall 06 April 2016

CORRUPTION The use of shell companies is a thing of wonder in Kenya: the chairman of the Youth Enterprise Fund was allegedly paying himself while pretending to hire service providers for the Fund. The Kenya Police Service regularly finds itself at the top of corruption rankings. But even Kenya’s crooked cops might chuckle at NYPD […]

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A Second Round of Panama Papers Coverage

The first head to roll over the Panama Papers is literally the head of a government as Iceland’s Prime Minister resigns. Another head- this time the head of FIFA- has been dragged through this Panama paper canal. His role is under scrutiny as the papers reveal the murky world of rights trading for major football […]

Shelling out companies

A recent amendment to the companies registration form will demand more detail about the physical address and number of employees of any company seeking registration in a bid to weed out shell companies that have been used to defraud the government through procurement abuses. Its a good move, but remember that Kenya’s anti-money laundering efforts […]

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The Latest Round of Panama Papers Coverage

Although anti-money laundering due diligence is supposed to be scrupulous, risk-based and objective, the Panama Papers reveal that Mossack Fonseca may have caved to pressure to accept limited client identification information in order not to lose a top Hong Kong client immersed in a corruption case. The nephew to South African President Jacob Zuma allegedly […]